How to Locate and Edit Birthdays in LinkedIn

Never miss a co-workers birthday again

Networking is a great tool for growing your career. It can be as easy as saying Happy Birthday to a connection on LinkedIn. However, you need to know their birthday beforehand! There are multiple ways to access this information via LinkedIn on desktop or app! Simply follow the steps below to keep your network strong! (Never miss other important events in your friend’s life by trying Nouri)

Nouri is the best app to grow your professional relationships. With an interactive, action-based dashboard, users can set catch-up reminders and be notified of birthdays days in advance, making it an easy way to strengthen your connections. 

How to add LinkedIn birthday information on desktop:

  • To add your own birthday information to your LinkedIn profile, go to
  • In the top right corner, click on “Me” between “Notifications” and “Work”
  • A drop box will appear, click “View Profile”
  • While viewing your main profile, click on the pencil icon in the middle-right of your screen
  • This will open up a screen with the title “Edit Intro”, scroll all the way to the bottom and click on “Edit Contact Info”
  • In this screen you can add your birth month as well as the day. You can even add your phone number and address
  • You can also select which group of connections can see your birthday
  • Click save in the bottom-right corner to save any changes.

How to add birthdays on the LinkedIn mobile app

  • Click on your profile photo on the top-left corner
  • Click “View profile”
  • Tap on the gray pencil icon on the right side of your screen

  • Scroll all the way to the bottom under Contact info and click “Edit Contact Info”
  • Input your birth date and month
  • Tap “Save”

How to locate a user birthday on their LinkedIn profile:

  • Type in the user’s name in the search bar and click on view full profile
  • Next to their location, click on “Contact Info”
  • This will show all of the contact information the user has decided to share. Not all users will share their birthday information

Be notified of birthdays ahead of time

Forming strong relationships can open up future opportunities. This can be done by remembering more than just their birthday. Nouri helps you keep track of not only birthdays, but also anniversaries, retirements, and so much more, all in one place! You can even choose how far in advance you would like to be notified so you can prepare a thoughtful gift or message.

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