How to Network like a Pro

Learn how to connect and prioritize people

When networking, making genuine connections should be your first goal, networking second. People can tell when you aren’t being authentic and just trying to use them. There are many steps you can take, before and after networking, to make sure that you’re presenting your true self in a positive light that will grow into a strong personal network. Anytime there is interaction with one another, that can be considered networking. Follow the tips below to network like a pro.

Nouri is a personal relationship management tool that helps take your networking to the next level by prioritizing people. It is designed to ensure you always have access to the information and people that matter most, making connections a seamless experience for you. Try Nouri today, and try for yourself!

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What to do before networking

If you’re going to be networking in-person, be sure to dress for success, but make sure you’re comfortable with what you’re wearing. If you’re confident in your clothes, it would be one less thing to worry over during the event. 

At an in-person event, consider looking up contact information on LinkedIn, which you can locate how to do here. If possible, contact them to arrange a meeting time during or after the event. Take any rejections or ignored messages for what they are, and move on. Recognize that it’s a numbers game. The more attempts to reach out to people, the more likely you are to have a memorable connection. 

How to network during the event

When you’re at a networking event, pay attention to the people around you. You can tell when to approach someone and how to end a discussion by observing their body language. Realize that their time is just as valuable as yours, so do not monopolize it. Be sure to have an exit line to gracefully bow out of the conversation. 

People love to talk about themselves, so ask them questions about themselves, their career, and their life path as you get to know them. Bring a small notebook to quickly jot down any information you find valuable, or use an app like Nouri to quickly record important information you don’t want to forget. Understand that just because they’re in the role you want, doesn’t imply they did the same things you did. 

Don’t interrupt people while circling around. Plan ahead of time who you want to spend the most time getting to know. Prepare an exit phrase to naturally ease out of a conversation. 

Download the Nouri app before the event to easily share and input important information about the people you meet. Let the mobile app act as a person assistant, dedicated towards keeping you connected to the people that matter most. 

What to do after connecting

After you’ve made the connection, follow up with a thank you note or email to those who offered you considerable amounts of time. Also, follow through on invitations to connect within a few days of receiving them. Don’t let all your hard work go to waste! Frequent communication after the connection can improve and strengthen the relationship. 

Networking can be time consuming, but by using Nouri, managing personal and professional relationships can be easy! Don’t let distance or time get in the way of making lasting connections. With the Nouri app, you can mark important dates to remember with each relationship and set reminders to reach out to them on a regular basis. Download the app today!